More on Mentoring

“I find that I have been an asset to her positive choices, which makes me happy and proud.  I feel that I am filling a void that has been left because of her home life circumstances. And for that I am grateful that I was introduced to the program and am able to help someone.”

“Our mentee is much more than a mentee to us.  After 5 years, we consider her part of our family.  We have spent countless hours together at many fun Mentor Iowa events, baking, movies, and visiting places such as the Living History Farms and Adventureland. We enjoy being part of her life and watching her grow into a wonderful young lady. We know with her drive and determination that she will grow up to be a success at whatever she does.”

“I was blessed with many opportunities as a youth, but it would have made life a lot easier if I had had more guidance navigating jobs and internships, help with college prep. That's why when my mentee says she wants to be a fashion designer, I'm teaching her the skills now, but also telling her the pros and cons of the industry. My favorite thing is when I feel like I've given her some food for thought."

“Mentoring is something I look forward to.  I love spending time with my mentee and being a part of her life.  I enjoy being that ‘outlet’ in her life for whatever she needs, whether that's an escape, something to do because she's bored or just wanting to hang out!”

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